Brave Trails

May/June, 2021

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month and Pride Month, we are donating 25% of sales to Brave Trails. Brave Trails is a non-profit organization whose primary focus is developing mentorship and leadership skills to LGBTQ+ youth, and we are proud to support their upcoming launch of a mental health program.

Brave Trails is a national non-profit organization dedicated to LGBTQ+ youth leadership. They offer accredited summer camps, family camps, mentorship programs, meet-up groups, and year-round leadership programming. All of their programs focus on helping LGBTQ+ youth find what they need most to thrive: their people, their place, and their passion. Nothing makes us more proud than seeing youth take the skills they gain in Brave Trails' programs and use them to create meaning change in their communities.

Learn more about Brave Trails at their website.