About Us

We started with the idea of making high quality, all-natural, hand-crafted soap. We then discovered the impact we can make, and have made a commitment to helping others.
All Natural
No fake stuff, no chemicals, all good stuff
Every bar of soap is crafted by hand. This makes them awesome
Cause Driven
Jackson Lane was created to raise money for health causes

About Us

We started Jackson Lane as a way to give back to people and causes we care about. We thought there had to be a way to have an impact on the world that could be bigger than any of us. In a world dominated by chaos and uncertainty about the health of those around us, we believe the simple act of making soap can be transformative.

Our founder, Karie, is a compassionate ER nurse and it is amazing to watch how much she cares for those she has never met and will likely never see again. We believe in the power of compassion and health outcomes are obviously close to our hearts. It is this belief that brought Jackson Lane to life and is the driving force behind what we do.

Karie started making soap during nursing school when a close friend's daughter had eczema and the soaps that were available make her skin worse. Unfortunately, at the time, there weren't any commercially available options and Karie set out to make something better. Karie then spent years perfecting the craft of natural soap making and the bars now available exemplify soap of the highest quality without any of the nasty stuff found in most commercial bars.

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