Stay Strong Liam

Dec 2020 & 2021

Liam Sebastian Marquez was born a healthy baby boy on April 16, 2020. On June 19th, precious, little Liam had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor - Rhabdomyoscarcoma.

We were overjoyed at the news of remission back in May. Sadly, four months later, Liam has relapsed and the cancer returned. Liam continues his fight, and we decided to restart the cause of supporting Liam with 100% of net sales going to support Liam and his family.

We donated 100% of sales in December, 2020 and 25% of sales during January, 2021. This resulted in $2,443 raised to support Liam's journey during the period. We are continuing this journey and hope to do as much as we can during this period for Liam and his family.

Learn more about liam at his website.